These popular workshops teach art skills and character development as well as benefiting reluctant readers. Available in and around London, Kent and East Sussex. Sessions can be adapted to any age group from reception to teen.

Picture Book Workshops

I use a 10 minute PowerPoint presentation to show the children how I create a picture book, from storyboard to rough drawings to finished page. I show them two or three picture book examples to inspire them and to demonstrate simplicity of text, simplicity of drawing, use of collage and fun use of the picture book format. We brainstorm for ideas and the children create their own characters – they can come up with anything they like. I walk around offering help and support. Following some more discussion, the group create a picture book plan/storyboard using their characters. They can then start work on a short picture book, or this can be continued after the session. I provide a copy of the picture book template to be printed and the children will need optional blank picture books made from plain paper, either provided by myself or the organisation.

Comics Workshops – suitable for up to 30 children

Themes include Record Breakers, Create Your Own Hero, Myths and Legends, Beano, Manga and Diary. I ask the group what they think a graphic novel is, and I show them a variety of GN based on the chosen theme. I teach the group to draw a popular comic character or one of my own characters which tie in with the theme. I draw the character on the board and the children follow step by step. We brainstorm for ideas and group create their own characters – they can come up with anything they like, as long as it’s original. I walk around offering help and support. Following some more discussion, the group create a comic strip featuring their characters.

Comics Workshops – suitable for larger groups

Using a PowerPoint presentation, I introduce the group to my writing and illustration work. I ask them what they think a graphic novel is and show them some inspirational GN. I show them how I create new characters, from rough sketches to finished artwork. We brainstorm for character ideas, and I give the group some tips about showing their character’s personality and thinking about what the character will do in a story. The group create their own original characters and I go around offering help and support. I talk to the the group about creating their own comic strips on a template and the children start this when they are ready. I continue to walk around supporting each child.

Illustration Workshops

These include a Kate Greenaway medal theme and a Roald Dahl theme, and are made up of elements of the above workshops. Please ask me for details if you’d like to know more or if you’d like me to put something together to suit your needs.

What’s provided?

I come in half an hour before the workshop to set up. I provide black fine line pens, HB pencils, rubbers and sharpeners.

I require either PowerPoint facilities or a flipchart (depending on the type of workshop), plenty of A4 paper and some colouring pens or pencils, if available. I will email comic strip or storyboard templates to be printed.

I run the entire workshop either alone or with some assistance from staff depending on numbers. I am CRB checked and registered with the DBS Update Service.

Fees vary depending on how many workshops are booked during a day and the distance I will need to travel. Sessions usually last 1 hr – 1 hr 15 mins. If you would more information, please contact me to discuss your needs.